H2O on the Equator


Equator Status

This is the 5 star Grand Anse beach . Grenada’s most popular and prettiest beach.  Full or tourists from the cruise ships and even more full of Sun and H2O! They come here to swim, vacation, or for SGU students, to study in paradise!



With this Sun it is necessary for everyone to stay hydrated. I use a Bobble Bottle! Everyone here needs to come with some filtration system for their water supply. Grenada sometimes has a limited
water supply and it can affect the quality of the water. In Grenada you are a lot to collect rain water and that is used when water supply is not available.


Where I’m from our beaches were destroyed by IMG_4845the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Our
“water” is still almost brown and the coast was scattered with remains of marine mammals and sea turtles. The water is still contaminated to this day. The caribbean is the complete opposite. The water is blue and green and the beaches are full of seashells, coral, and smiling faces!

I use SPF 70 all over my body per hour and still get a tan. We try to lay under the shade from the palm trees so we aren’t too crispy.



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