Grenadian Life


86 Degree weather today–everyday actually no matter wet or dry season, with some wind, thankfully. Stopped on the side of the road at a local fruit/veggie stand to get some coconut water for 3EC per coconut. The owner grabbed the coconut and chopped the end off with his huge machette in just a couple chops and then handed me my straw.

The greetings here are a big thing. In America when you arrive at, let’s say a cash register or a food cart, it is the cashier or owner’s duty to welcome you or ask how you are doing.   In Grenada it is YOUR responsibility to greet the worker/employee first. It is not such a big deal, but it is polite to do if you are into manners. I have got caught up in the habit of saying hello to everybody including people I walk by here on the street.

Friendly, Welcoming, and Laid Back. (They call it island time). When being served at food places they take their time. And let me tell you, they take all their time. The food is well worth the wait though. We enjoy the West Indian Food and the local fruits available to us from our garden.



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  1. ibdunn says:

    Awesome reminder of my home… I live in a community in San Francisco area that reminds me of Grenada. We all wave to each other and strangers in this back roads abandoned spot.. Have you learned the Grenadian term, “just now ” it was a loose term for some time in the future…10 min, 10 hrs… Lol.. Enjoy!

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    1. Never heard of that term but I’m sure we will soon and now I will know what it means. I love how everybody knows each other here and their culture, Thank you for sharing!!


    2. Just heard a prof use that term! Thanks to you we were not confused when we heard her say ‘coming up just now’

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