Moving to Grenada, West Indies for School?



St George’s University is one of the world’s most beautiful medical schools. Although Grenada is a developing country, it’s natural beauty is one damn good reason to live here.img_0508-2 Living in Grenada is nothing like you have ever experienced in your first world life. It’s Island Life.

What to Expect in Grenada

We travel on the left side of the road.  84 degrees everyday.  Two seasons: wet and dry. No stop or speed limit signs. Yes, the grenadians are speaking English with a tint of Grenadian Creole. Students drive Suzukis maybe with AC. Scooters. Bumpy Roads. Leg day is everyday. Locals opening your coconut with a machete. Winning a chicken or goat at BINGO. Goats and cows cause traffic daily. Stray cats and dogs. Mosquitos. Service is on “Island Time”. Local shops and vendors. Sunburns. Canada and New York channels on TV. Turquoise Seas. Hurricane Season. Cleaning Services. Mongoose.


What to Pack for Grenada

My list usually looks like this: Silverware, Plates, Brita filters, Swiffer pads, Sponges, Tide Pods, Laundry Scent boosters, Whey Protein, Body wash, Soap, Fish oil, vitamins, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Hand sanitizer, Clorox scrubber pads, Tylenol, Ziploc bags, Razors, Cotton balls, Deodorant, Bug spray and sunscreen, Lotion, Cat treats, breakfast biscuits, Tea and coffee instant packs, Gum, Peanuts, Ground Coffee, Oatmeal packs, Chia seeds.

SGU sprays campus twice a week for mosquitos.img_4140

Mail in Grenada

There are NO addresses, anything shipped to you must go through customs, then you will get a letter in your box at school-Which you have to apply for in the first week of orientation. You may have to go to the post office for anything that won’t fit in the mailbox.

IMG_4098$ Money in Grenada $


Most places take any cash payment but your change will be in EC. There is an ATM at the school and one in Spiceland Mall where IGA is located, on the Grand Anse Bus Route.

Bring some cash for your first few days in case you need to ride the Reggae bus.




Cellphones in Grenada

LIME or Digicel. I recommend getting a phone with a few minutes on it for emergencies. iPhones are great to bring bc you can still iMessage and FaceTime on wifi.


Food in Grenada

Grenada offers a variety of American, West Indian, and English Foods.  Many vendors also sell Grenadian dishes like rotioil down, calaloo, seafood, and nutmeg ice cream. For a complete list of native fruits and veggies visit

List of Restaurants we enjoy: Umbrellas, Savvys, Carib Sushi, Dodgy Dock, The Owl, Sweetlys, Timbers, Bananas, Prickly Bay.

You can also get food or groceries delivered to you, check out-

SGU has a student center with a Subway, Glovers Buffet, Glovers Bar & Grill, and New York Bagels. In the town of St George there are a few KFC’s, Subways, and a Pizza Hut as well as many many many local restaurants.

Groceries in Grenada

IGA is on the GrandAnse bus route in the Spicelandmall Mall.IMG_5756

 Food Fair is on the Mont Tout bus route.

On campus ( & everywhere else ) there are also local vendors with eggs and fruit.

In town, there is the fish market and also a French spice market on the other side of the bus terminal where on Saturdays all the vendors come out to sell.


Transportation in GrenadaIMG_6102

1.School Buses are free and you must show your ID.
They have random security checks.

Also, Become familiar with theimg_1936 SGU Bus Schedule

2. Reggae Bus 2.50 all the way
to Bus Terminal & 3ec on Sunday’s and Holiday





3. Taxi


4. Boat Taxi







Pets in Grenada

You can bring your pets, but you have to live off campus. Click here to read how.

SGU has a vet clinic very close to the school for pets and the GSPCA always has pets you can adopt. We snatched our little Panther off the Grand Anse Beach and snuck her on the school bus in our book bag.


Finding a place to live in Grenada

SGU Post

Terra Caribbean

Central Lease

Century 21

Coldwell Banker




7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jay says:

    One of my best friends goes to medical school in the Caribbean, he sights it as one of the best decisions of his life- good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ibdunn says:

    I love and miss Grenada. I was there when the medical School was just starting and have been home to visit a number of times but now it has been over 6-7 years. I read your post completely and though I haven’t lived there in years I can completely relate to everything you wrote – we used to boil our water and also had a very antiquated water filtre. There were no traffic lights at all when I was growing up and the phone numbers were a max of 4 digits – for everyone on island. Our phone no was 2149 !! I can imagine it would be quite boring as the significant other of a medical student – maybe you can find some volunteering opportunities or from the look of your blog you have a full time job in helping others be prepared. Great job!


    1. I am currently boiling water as i write this! Lol we make instant coffee with it since we did not bring a coffee maker. I bought a couple Bobble bottles and filters to bring here to reduce water bottle usage, and it has saved us! That is probably the best $30 I have ever spent.
      4 digit phone numbers! That sounds so crazy! I would have never known.
      Yes, I am tryin to prepare others because we felt so lost our first two days here and did not know where anything was! We just kept hopping on buses and would end up far away from our hotel. Then one day we saw a couple walking with grocery bags! We were so happy because we did not know there was a grocery store close other than the one near The Carenage. I am sure you do miss it. You should try to come back soon!


      1. ibdunn says:

        Your blog has got to be a great service for those coming to the island-anyone considering living there. My parents moved to Grenada in 1969 -I was 4 yrs old – I can’t imagine what my mom must have gone through in cultural differences. My first memory there was seeing a guy passed out on the sidewalk on market st or nearby and asking my mom if he was dead. I’m sure she never anticipated having to explain such things to a 4yo. Keep up the good work.


      2. That is hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh! Have a good one 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. redzed350 says:

    I hope you are enjoying your time there! Life on an island can be hard. Looks like your partner has made a big choice going to a Caribbean medical schoo. I hope he knows what he is getting into, I sure didnt … Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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