GND Year 1 Complete

Drew has passed his second semester of Medical School at St. George’s with all A’s once again. I am so proud of him- he has really put a lot of effort into his studies. Finally getting to spend time together these last two weeks here before we go home for Christmas.

 Panoramic view of Magazine Beach

We plan to leave the cats here with our landlord while we travel home for two weeks to see family & friends. Traveling makes them nervous and our landlords will take excellent care of them..their daughter is in Vet School and loves animals so we are more than okay with that.

Christmas at the beach.. I can’t complain.

This place is paradise, and although there is no Target or Starbucks,  you really learn to enjoy the little things in life. The weather never changes here in Grenada so it doesn’t really feel like the Holidays, and that’s when you start to miss home.

So we went shopping in St George with our friends for Christmas gifts. Picking out gifts is always such a hard task for me, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

So we are heading back home on the 22nd and staying until Jan 5th. It will be short,but very sweet. Next semester we plan to have our parents visit and hopefully some other guests! We did not have any visitors this semester, so we are very excited to show our friends and family around when they come for their Grenadian experience.


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