GND Year 1 Complete

Drew has passed his second semester of Medical School at St. George’s with all A’s once again. I am so proud of him- he has really put a lot of effort into his studies. Finally getting to spend time together these last two weeks here before we go home for Christmas.  Panoramic view of Magazine…


Drew has his finals this week and has been studying nonstop. We have two more weeks until we leave Grenada to visit home for a couple of months. My best friend came to visit me this past week for a vacation. Our first day we decided to take a 4 hour Island Tour to see the…

Smores & Dancing at Savvys

Savvys is the Mount Cinnamon Hotel’s Restaurant & Bar. They serve Traditional West Indian & Caribbean Dishes. This restaurant is located right on the Grand Anse Beach and you can literally eat at your table with your toes in the sand.   We were too busy dancing that we missed the free smores on the beach!!

Concord Falls

Concord Waterfalls There are three waterfalls for this hike. Concord, Au Coin, and Fontainebleau. This hike is for adventure lovers. I recommend a tour guide for Au Coin and Fontainebleau.

Underwater Sculpture Museum

Underwater Sculpture Museum  (Our first time) We caught Glenroy from the beach and he offered to bring us for 80 EC a person for how ever long we wanted to stay for. To see our next adventure at Concord Waterfalls click here.  

Seven Sisters Falls

Seven Sisters Also known as St Margaret Falls. So muddy. You do not need a tour guide for Seven Sisters, but you do need to rent a walking stick. Apparently, in order to see all of the waterfalls you have to jump!   Once you arrive at the first waterfall there should be ‘guide’ to lead you…

St George

St George St George, the capital of Grenada.                   For our next adventure at Seven Sisters Waterfalls  click here.

Spice Isle

Every Sunday we go to the Grand Anse Beach so we have become familiar with the Vendors and items for sale. The locals sell scarves, spice gift boxes, bracelets, necklaces, food, and many other items. Cassandra and Angela are usually on the shore on Sundays selling spice necklaces. Spice Necklace Usually includes bay leaves, saffron, cocoa beans, nutmeg,…

Grenadian Life

86 Degree weather today–everyday actually no matter wet or dry season, with some wind, thankfully. Stopped on the side of the road at a local fruit/veggie stand to get some coconut water for 3EC per coconut. The owner grabbed the coconut and chopped the end off with his huge machette in just a couple chops…