Visa Renewal

Visa Renewal Process for SGU Significant Other in Grenada West Indies

Extension of Stay

Because I am not a student, I am required to get my visa renewed every three months.

STEP 1: Your student needs to request a letter of IMG_8798enrollment from the enrollment dept.
The letter must include; Student’s name, dates of enrollment, extension requested, Significant Other’s name, and children’s names. Try and request this letter one week before your visa expires. You are only allowed to renew your visa within 7 days of expiration, so getting it done early is not an option.

Click here to view a larger image of what your enrollment letter should look like form St George’s.




STEP 2: Gather your passports, School ID, Pen, letter from enrollment office, and 25EC cash per month extended per
person. You are only allowed to extend your stay for three months at a time.


STEP 3: I take the #1 Reggae bus and ask them to drop me at the Ministerial Complex. The picture to the left is the Immigration Office you apply in. When you arrive ask for an application for extension of stay.



STEP 4: After your paperwork has been seen by the Immigration Officer he will give you a receipt to bring downstairs. Go down stairs and pay your 25EC per month per person. After you have paid bring your receipt back upstairs to the Immigration Office to retrieve your passport(s) from the Officer.